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Thinking of you all and hoping that things improve. I am glad that Devin is better and sending well wishes for Derrick. What a roller coaster this has been. Praying that you all have a great holidays and a calm, quiet winter.

DeAnne Smith

Glad Devin is feeling better. We had our share of the "flu" in this house. It is no fun. Hope Derrick is feeling better soon. Hopefully this will be it for the season. Thinking of you guys always!!

Leslie Irons

Will be thinking of Devin's friends.

Lori Hollingsworth

I'm so sorry for all this! However, VERY happy to hear Devin is doing better....will be praying for Derrick and that no one else gets what he has! Always praying for you guys......

Alice Pengra

Glad to hear Devin is on the mend. A little unbelievable to hear he was back in the hospital. It sounds like a much better course this time! Hope you are all well, and that Derrick is feeling better. Just wanted you to know that I am thinking of you.
Alice (Georgetown)

Joe & Mary Pollock

Ok you guys, I think you've been tested enough!!! Continued prayers will be sent your way! My hope for you all is that things get better for you all! Keep looking up, take care as best you can. with Love, The Pollocks

Leslie Irons

Oh No! I'm sorry to hear about Derrick. You finally get to come home and be in your own bed and get kicked out. :( I guess it's better to be safe than sorry. I've always told Mike if he gets sick he's the one who has to find a place to stay. I would go crazy staying at either Grandma's expecially for 7 days.

Miss Susan

Praying for a speedy recovery your always in my prayers stay strong

Miss Jeannine

Glad to hear your back causing chaos and trouble. Thats right let Georgetown know whos boss. When you're fiesty I know you're feeling better. Maybe you should just come back to Pre-School, I really miss you. Keep on fighting! You're always in my thoughts and prayers.

Mrs. Puccio

Praying for your speedy recovery. Miss you terribly. KD is not the same without you! Can't wait to see you back in the classroom working on your ABC's. Lots of love.

Leslie Irons

Glad to hear Mr. Crabby is back. LOL It's good for him, but not everyone around him. I know what you mean about needing a vacation. Things have been stressful around here too. Hope you make it home soon.

Miss Jen

Hi Guys~Thinking of you all and praying for a fast recovery! Hugs and kisses

Christina S

Hang in there, Colleen! Better days ahead...

Being mad at Mom is just another way of showing you how important you are!
(that's what I tell myself anyway, LOL)


Colleen, I will take him!!! Pick me, pick me I will be his substitute mommy!! Imagine the trouble the 2 of us would get into!! lol He & all of you are of course in our prayers & have our love... Kristen (Matt, Matthew & Samantha too!)

Shayne Frankel

Oh, this little guy is feisty -- "looking for a new mother" -- until the moment you might say, OK, bye Devin! He is SO normal -- at least I remember those days of threatening to "run away", only to be told by my mother, "Well, let me help you pack". Talk about deflated! Hope he continues to be crabby and bossy -- at least then you know he's feeling better -- and that everyone is soon home and back to normal! Hugs

Finlay family

No worries you will get through this. Devin you are the srongest boy I know and Colleen you are stronger then you think. :)

Brooklynn de waal

Keep on smiling everyone I am thinking of you all and I will continue to pray for you fondly brooklynn

Linda Garofallou

Dear Colleen, Derrick, Devin and family, Enough is enough! You are all warmly in my heart and thoughts and prayers. Trusting that Devin will muster his amazing feats of recuperation very soon! Fondly, Linda G.

Leslie Irons

Oh Colleen I'm so sorry to hear Devin has the flu again. We are thinking of you and praying once again. We know from the last time Devin is a fighter. He pulled through it alot faster than everyone thought.

Donna ,Mark, and Ariana

Oh no. Not again. Devin - We are so sorry to read about you. We will continue to pray as always, and hope for a speedy recovery! Colleen and Derick - Stay strong! Remember the power of prayer is strong! Love and kisses xoxoxox